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So many things happen all the time. So as of the moment of writing this Comcast's horrible policies have stopped any uploads until the 7th because of the lovely data caps we have in this neck of the woods.

Though taking a week off has actually allowed me to record a ton of stuff and get it all rendered and ready to go because I'm leaving for three weeks next week! I'm heading to rural England to spend the better part of a month with Kit so expect a ton of stuff from that.

Patrons, I'm sorry about the lack of Witcher, that game doesn't like working with Bandicam so I have lost probably more footage than I've saved by this point.

Also, I really hope you all like me talking about racism cause the upcoming Mafia III episodes are going to get a little spicy. Who'd have thought a black trans woman would have a lot of stuff to say about race in America?

Anyway, I'd say the lineup of stuff coming is pretty good. There's more Pyre, Owlboy, Mafia III, OneShot and maybe even some of The Surge coming again soon. We'll have a ton more stuff from the trip, Kit and I have a lot of things planned to record while I'm there.