Who I Am

Hey there, so you're thinking about supporting the channel, eh? Need some more information?

Hi, I'm V's, a black, queer content creator on YouTube. I do let's plays, podcasts, random weird videos, streams, and I'd like to expand what I do.

Let's Plays - V's plays video games badly.

Editorials on Games - V's writes about the games industry, game mechanics and specific titles.

Spoons and Spellslots - A podcast about mental health and queer culture, hosted by V's and Kit.


I should explain the above methods of support.

PayPal Subscription charges the same amount as the pre-pledge fee changes that were implemented this month by Patreon. The tiers are $1, $5, $10, and $25; each giving different things. It works nearly the same as Patreon does, except with a slightly different structure to the site.

Patreon is, of course, the service that we've used for the last few years. You subscribe to a creator and support them monthly, per creation or some other permutation of that. Recently they changed the way that fees were calculated and put the ownness on the patron instead of the creator or Patreon itself. I personally dislike this change, which is what prompted me to make the changes I am.

Ko-Fi is more like a tip jar, sending $3 'coffees' to creators. It's a nice little way to show your support to someone, even if you don't want to subscribe to PayPal or Patreon.

Paypal.Me is another tip jar, though capable of larger single donations than Ko-Fi. It's a great way to support the channel if you'd like to help out with larger things like equipment, games, subscription fees, food.


Things I Have In The Works

World Building - An interview show talking to creators about what they make and how.

ReV's Radio - A weekly podcast with V's and sometimes friends shooting the shit, playing music and generally hanging out.

The Bestiary - A podcast with the lovely Kat and V's attempting to index every single monster in tabletop RPGs and talk mad shit about them as we do.

Rule of Threes - Another podcast with Kat and V's where we watch the first three episode of an anime one of us has never seen and review it.

V's Talks - V's old audio diary, resurrected.

The Backlog - A weekly podcast about video games, gaming news and what's in our backlog, hosted by the wonderful Amy, and V's.

The Hunted - No, it's not dead yet. A podcast-novel series V's is working on.

Second Street Blues - Another podcast-novel series V's is working on.

Weekly Livestreams - Definitely want to start streaming every week again, the only constraint is Comcast's bandwidth caps.

Weird experimental videos and podcasts, like ASMR videos, lore videos and podcasts, and a whole lot more.

There's something else I'd like to eventually start, which is a vlog-ish series once I get the proper equipment. Mostly it would center around me transitioning once I start HRT (hopefully soon) and some other random life stuff. 


$1 Burst Transmission

Hey, thanks for wanting to support us! Burst Transmissions get
- Supporter Discord
- Early Access

You'll get a Supporter role in the Discord server and access to videos as soon as they're uploaded!

Also a big hug if I ever meet you in person, long as you're comfortable with that. 


$5 Stable Signal

Stable Signals that come through will get:
- Supporter Discord
- Early access
- Supporter Only Podcast and LPs
- BTS Stuff from writing snippets to outtakes and everything else.

You'll get access to Supporter only content like podcasts, LPs, weird experimental stuff, outtake videos and other things as well as early access and Discord roles.


$10 Good Reception

Good Receptions pick up:
- Supporter Discord
- Early access
- Supporter Only Podcast and LPs
- BTS Stuff

You'll get everything above as well as monthly supporter only streams.


$25 Airwave Takeover

Wow you really love us! You're taking over the airwaves, you'll get:
- Supporter Discord
- Early access
- Supporter Only Podcast and LPs
- BTS Stuff
- Livestreams


You'll get everything from the other tiers as well as being able to directly request games to stream and LP.


Honestly, even reading this page and considering supporting means the world to me. If you don't have the money, but would still like to support the channel consider sharing it on that there social media or with friends who might be looking for a new let's play channel to watch. Any support means so much to me and I could never thank you enough.